I’ve registered for a class, now what?

You will receive an email from World Function confirming your registration.  It will include instructions on how to login to the class.  You will also receive a reminder email with the same information an hour before the class begins.  If you don’t see the email, be sure and check your junk/spam folders.

Do I need any special programs on my computer to view the classes?  Can I participate on an ipad?

All you need to participate is a good internet connection.  You can also participate using an ipad, iphone or kindle if you first download the free Adobe Connect app.

How can I teach a class?

We are currently experimenting with classes, teachers and this platform. We hope to open teaching opportunities to those interested in participating, in the near future.

Do you have archives of the classes?

We do not currently have archiving capabilities. We are working hard to provide that feature.

What if I miss a class I signed up for?

There is limited seating in these events. If you register for the class and do not attend, you prevent another paying attendee from participating.

We have a no-refund policy. Please be sure you can attend the event before you register for it. If you know in advance you can not make the class, you can send your seat code to a friend to use in your place.

A class I really want to attend just filled up. What can I do?

Please look ahead on the calendar and see when the teacher is teaching the class again. Popular subjects and popular teachers will repeat classes.

How can I sponsor a class?

We offer a range of sponsorships which include your logo prominently displayed on a class footer, a 15 or 30 second spot at the start of a class or survey questions that will give you immediate feedback from those participating in a class. We are happy to discuss custom partnerships.

Interested in sponsoring a class? Please contact Sara Urquhart.

How can I offer my own channel?

This platform is very new and we are excited to try many things. Please contact Sara Urquhart to discuss possibilities.

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