How to Create a Better / Happier Marriage or Relationship

How to Create a Better / Happier Marriage or Relationship

by Mara & Danny Kofoed

July 31, 2012 5:30 pm (Pacific Time) 8:30 pm (Eastern Time)


If you want it, come and get it.  Ebbs and flows are normal, but it is possible to take your marriage or partnership to the next level of joy. (Happy couples don’t get there by accident!)  First, redefine what a good marriage is all about.  Learn how to avoid a mentality that we think is so common and detrimental in marriages – the “fill my cup” mentality.  Learn how to come to the table with greater strength and a better perspective so that you can be on your A-game when dealing with someone else’s weaknesses, and your own.  Reignite your desire to dedicate your marriage to something greater.  Take control of your own happiness and fulfillment in your marriage.  It’s possible.  It’s worth it.  And it makes for a more fulfilling experience in marriage, in good times and bad.  We know it first hand, and we want to tell you everything we know.

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